Categories (NEW, A, B, C)

Grade NEW:

The "NEW" category includes new products, whether they have an original box, a simple box or no box in general.

Grade A:

In the “A” category are classified the products that have very small traces of wear, on the housing, display, keyboard, ports, etc. formed from the previous use.

Category "A" laptops usually have minimal signs of wear and tear associated with a used laptop.

Grade B:

In category "B" are classified the products that are tested and are absolutely functional, only they have higher traces of wear than those in category "A", such as any scratches on the case, traces of use on the keys, small imperfections on the case (depressions, slightly scratched corners). Category "B" laptops may contain display delamination, small scratches on the display, etc.

But this does not mean that all these defects will be in one product. Only one shortcoming can persist and it is sorted in category "B".

Grade C:

The "C" category includes laptops that, like the "B" category, are tested and fully functional but have obvious signs of wear, such as multiple scratches, small bumps on the corners or ports, delamination of the display, scratches on the display, any marks on the display, discoloration, white spots, weak battery, etc